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Trust Fund Brochures

NEW Trust Fund Brochure: 
"From Victim to Survivor
A second chance at life"
NEW Trust Fund Brochure: 
Trust Fund Brochure: 
Victim Testimonials 
"Hear Their Story"
Trust Fund Brochure 2015: 
"Giving Hope to Victims 
of Human Trafficking"

Trust Fund Fact Sheet 



Trust Fund Publications


Trust Fund:  
Annual Progress  
Report 2016
Trust Fund:  
Annual Progress  
Report 2015 
Trust Fund:  
Annual Progress  
Report 2014 


UNODC Publications and Tools


Global Report on:  
Trafficking in Persons  
Global Report on:   
Trafficking in Persons   



UN Convention Against  
Transnational Organized Crime  
And the Protocol Thereto
Human Trafficking   
Knowledge Portal 


Additional Information

The UN Voluntary Trust Fund 
on Contemporary Forms of Slavery


Recent News


UNVTF Brochure

The UNVTF brochure highlights the work and achievements of the Trust Fund and its NGO partners. Learn more about the progress and impact of our projects around the globe. 

Trust Fund at a Glance

The UN Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons is enabling specialized protection and direct assistance to 3,000 victims every year. Learn more following the links: EN, FR, SP

Call for Proposals

The Trust Fund's small grants programme awards multi-year grants to non-governmental organizations around the world that provide direct assistance to victims of human trafficking.

World Day 30 July

On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, the United Nations aims to create awareness about human trafficking worldwide. Show your support for victims and get involved.

Useful links

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UN Blue Heart Campaign Against Human Trafficking United Nations Global Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons




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