UNODC Southeast Asia and the Pacific has a team of over 200 providing advice and technical assistance related to the rule of law, non-traditional security threats, law enforcement, criminal justice and drug-related supply and health issues. The Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok is home to a multi-disciplinary team of 50 regional programme managers, advisors and administrators working with, and supporting, Member States and regional organisations, and aligned country offices.

Jeremy Douglas United Nations UN Jeremy Douglas
Regional Representative
Southeast Asia and the Pacific
(+66-2) 288-2100

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Julien Garsany United Nations UN Julien Garsany
Deputy Regional Representative
Southeast Asia and the Pacific
(+66-2) 288-2081
Operations Team
(+66-2) 288-2100

Tao Zhiqiang United Nations UN Tao Zhiqiang
Associate Drug Control Officer
(+66-2) 288-2625
Inshik Sim United Nations UN Inshik Sim
Research Officer (Illicit Drugs)
(+66-2) 288-2473

Benjamin Smith United Nations UN Benjamin Smith
Regional Programme Coordinator
Human Trafficking/Smuggling of Migrants
(+66-2) 288-1415

Giovanni Broussard United Nations UN Giovanni Broussard
Regional Programme Coordinator
Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime
(+66-2) 288-2472

Gerson Bergeth United Nations UN Gerson Bergeth
Regional Programme Manager
Border Control
(+66-2) 288-2491

Alexandru Caciuloiu United Nations UN Alexandru Caciuloiu
Regional Programme Coordinator
(+66-2) 288-1777

Kaitlin Meredith United Nations UN Kaitlin Meredith
Regional Programme Coordinator
(+66-2) 288-1207

Francesco Checchi United Nations UN Francesco Checchi
Anti-Corruption Adviser
(+66-2) 288-2092
Zorana Markovic United Nations UN Zorana Markovic
Regional Anti-corruption Advisor
(+66-2) 288-2532

Hernan Longo United Nations UN Hernan Longo
Regional Programme Coordinator
(+66-2) 288-2799

Takeshi Matsumoto United Nations UN Takeshi Matsumoto
Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer
Criminal Justice Systems
Gunsu Yang United Nations UN Gunsu Yang
Senior Prosecutorial and Judicial Adviser
Criminal Justice Systems
(+66-2) 288-1927

Olivier Lermet United Nations UN Olivier Lermet
Senior Policy Advisor
+63 2 9010405
Karen Peters United Nations UN Karen Peters
Associate Drugs and Health Officer
(+66-2) 288-1439