Support to Anti-corruption in Nigeria 2012 - 2017

Brief Description of Project

This project is funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund, and supports the Government of Nigeria through its anti-corruption agencies, by promoting good governance and by contributing to Nigeria's efforts in enhancing transparency, accountability and combating corruption. The project aims: i) to provide effective support to anti-corruption coordination, policy formulation and legislation, based on a sound evidence base; ii) to strengthen institutional and operational capacity in the nine main anti-corruption agencies, the Police and the Judiciary with an emphasis on cooperation; and iii) to enhance accountability, transparency and public engagement by building capacities of civil society organisations.

Below are some of the legislation, subsidiary-legislation and other knowledge products developed under the project:


Bibliography of Corruption in Nigeria. (pdf)

Extradition Act Proceedings Rules 2015. (pdf) 

Federal Capital Territory Courts Sentencing Guidelines 2016. (pdf)

Extradition Act (Modification) Order 2014.(pdf)

Federal High Court Corruption and Other Related Offences Sentencing Guidelines 2015. Final.(pdf)

Code of Ethics for Staff of CCT.(pdf)

Cases and Materials on Extraditon in Nigeria. (pdf)

Code of Conduct Tribunal Practice Direction 2017. (pdf)