On this International Day, the world is #UnitedAgainstCorruption


9 December 2016 - Today is the International Anti-Corruption Day, with UNODC and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) calling for people across the globe to join a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about corruption and encouraging people from all walks of life to take action against this crime. The slogan 'United against Corruption, for development, peace and security' urges Governments, the private sector and the general public to jointly tackle this issue by changing their attitudes and taking action against the problem.

The campaign focuses on how corruption is an impediment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to promote safe societies, end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all, among others. Speaking about corruption, United Nations Secretary-Gene ral Ban Ki-moon said in his statement that "No country is immune, and every country bears a responsibility to end it. Corruption strangles people, communities and nations. It weakens education and health, undermines electoral processes and reinforces injustices by perverting criminal justice systems and the rule of law."

UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov meanwhile noted that "the G20 estimates that 90 trillion US dollars in infrastructure investment is  required between 2015 and 2030 to support global growth and development. To protect this investment corruption's destructive impact should not be ignored. There needs to be a wholehearted and determined contribution to global anti-corruption efforts from the world's public and private sectors."

Today, the UN Convention against Corruption stands out as the most relevant legally-binding treaty, a global instrument to effectively prevent and combat corruption around the world.  Many concrete steps have been taken by the global community to fight corruption and much has been achieved. Yet, much more remains to be done.

UNODC's Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa has been working with national partners in the region; and through the technical assistance of UNODC, countries in the MENA region have been steadily implementing the principles and values enshrined in the Convention.

Our joint efforts have led to the adoption and implementation of a number of anti- corruption strategies across the region, to enhanced capacities of specialized anti-corruption bodies, to improved criminal justice responses to investigation, prosecution and adjudication of serious corruption cases, and to better inter-agency and international cooperation in criminal matters and the recovery of stolen assets.

UNODC has been working with its regional partners on promoting information sharing across borders, encouraging cooperation among nations in the region, and sending the message that values such as integrity, accountability, governance and transparency must prevail.

Activities marking International Anti-Corruption Day are being carried out around the globe, including in all regions. Events focusing on anti-corruption efforts range from meetings with the press to national conferences, through to trainings and youth engagement activities and mass parades and commemorations as part of the wider public outreach.

An extensive social media campaign has been rolled out in the lead up to the day. Campaign materials are available at the International Anti-Corruption Day microsite and include a set of multi-language posters ,which illustrate different ways in which the funds stolen each year through corruption impact Sustainable Development in many areas: education, health, infrastructure, and others.


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