Islamic Republic of Iran

UNODC Country Programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran (2011-2014)

"Technical Cooperation on Drugs and Crime in the Islamic Republic of Iran"


In 2010, UNODC and the Government of the Islamic  Republic  of Iran, in consultation with Mini-Dublin Group members and the EU presidency in Tehran, developed in a participatory way a new multilateral programme of technical cooperation on drugs and crime for the Islamic Republic of Iran (2011-2014).

This UNODC Country Programme (CP), which was launched in March 2011, aims to support national efforts on drugs and crime by promoting United Nations standards and international best practices, as well as by facilitating bilateral, regional and international cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The CP was developed taking into consideration lessons learned and good practices of previous project activities, the UNODC global strategy, regional initiatives on drugs and crime, the volume of international financial support provided to previous UNODC programmes in the country, and the preliminary interest expressed by potential funding partners in future cooperation.

The primary purpose of the CP has been to outline a coherent programme of work focused on defined strategic outcomes and structured around the following three sub-programmes:


(a) Sub-programme 1 - Illicit Trafficking and Border Management.

(b) Sub-programme 2 - Drug Demand Reduction and HIV Control.

(c) Sub-programme 3 - Crime, Justice and Corruption.

In each of the three sub-programme areas, the UNODC Country Programme  is assisting the enhancement of national capacities on drugs and crime by building bridges, facilitating dialogue and exchange of knowledge at the bilateral, regional and international level (including through South-South cooperation) and by promoting the implementation of international conventions, standards and best practices.

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