Issue 5, October 2009

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Ten stories the world should hear more about

The United Nations Department of Public Information recently released its annual list of 10 stories the world should hear more about.

The stories seek to highlight issues that may not have made it to many people's radar screens - and are intended to stoke further inquiry and research. Two of the 10 stories the world should hear more about were UNODC stories. The first story looks at how cocaine trafficking in West Africa is fueling corruption in the region. The second story focuses on seaports and how they are now being monitored and used to crack down on trafficking in arms, drugs and human beings. [Read more]

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  • EU Anti-Trafficking Day (18 October 2009)
  • Afghan Drug Threat Report (23 October 2009)
  • South East Asia Opium Cultivation Survey 2009 (October 2009)

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