Issue 16 | November 4 2010
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On World Stage, Nicolas Cage highlights anguish of victims of crime

Cage in Vienna21 October 2010 - Oscar-winning actor, film-maker and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador Nicolas Cage today made an impassioned plea for the victims - mostly innocent women and children - of violent crime.

A dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist, Mr. Cage told Governments gathered in Vienna this week to discuss the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime that he would redouble his efforts to help heal blighted lives.

In a moving testimony, he described some of their ordeals: "I met a young girl who had been the sex slave of a rebel leader and bore his child. I met a boy who was forced to kill his own sister. Yet I was also amazed by these children, and deeply humbled. So many of the children I met displayed incredible strength and resilience, and an almost incomprehensible capacity for forgiveness, of both themselves and others".(more)

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